Thinking about Knowledge Building.

…if we always insisted on precise definitions we all would be speechless almost all the time. Definitions and precise theoretical constructs are the final product, not the starting point of inquiry. —Lawrence Weiskrantz (1988, p. 183)


Welcome to educators attending ULearn06 and anyone else who wants to play

The conference programme asks us to consider

  1. What is needed for learners to develop as knowledge builders and innovators?
  2. What part can ICTs play?

We hear calls for “knowledge building” and “innovation” in all manner of educational conversation. We assume a commonality of understanding, and we believe that “we are all singing from the same hymn sheet”. But are we?

This wiki explores just what we understand by “knowledge building” and “innovation” in education.

The environment provided by the wiki should allow us to escape tit for tat, hierarchical threaded exchanges and indulge in something closer to a real discussion as we collaborate to make meaning.

Check out the pages below, have fun figuring out how to contribute your thinking, re shape the thinking of others, and how to identify your contributions. And fret not if it all “goes wrong” – we can always recapture earlier positions, or even start again.

The Janet and John Page

What is worthy of understanding in "knowledge building"?

What is worthy of understanding in "innovation"?

How is a knowledge building environment different from a learning environment?

What makes it an environment rather than a tool?

How can ICTs enhance or betray understanding in knowledge building?

How can we determine what students understand in knowledge building?

Where can we find out more about knowledge building?

Sceptic's log

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