Who is Artichoke?

Pam Hook is an educational consultant and edu_blogger.

The focus of her Hooked on Thinking consultancy work with Julie Mills is on helping students achieve deep learning outcomes and learn how to learn. The Hooked on Thinking consultancy uses SOLO Taxonomy (Biggs and Collis 1982) as a model of learning.

Hooked on Thinking works with schools, businesses and learning communities across New Zealand.

Pam blogs about teaching and learning at Artichoke Blog www.artichoke.typepad.com

Artichoke Blog: Educational conversations that wrestle with ideas: www.artichoke.typepad.com
  • On sharing the same space and good intentions Oct 26, 2015
    “Inclusion requires new ways of thinking and being that are open to ambiguity, and require porous boundaries in the daily intra-active encounters with difference.” Bronwyn Davies [1] On the recommendation of a friend, I spent this morning listenin...
  • Unboxing PIG Nov 2, 2014
    Unboxing is the unpacking of new products, especially high tech consumer products. The product's owner captures the process on video and later uploads it to the web. Some consider the popularity of this practice is due to the ability of...
  • Take away the descriptors Oct 20, 2014
    We are reckless jargon users in education. Just ask anyone coming out of your local supermarket what they think “effective pedagogies” or “student agency” means. Jargon is used to: exclude; disguise; imply expertise; and to market product. No one ...
  • The impact of sharing breakfast at dawn on teacher professional learning and development. Mar 31, 2012
    I have little experience in presenting to breakfast adventurers - so when I was invited to talk to groups of educational breakfasters, I was uncertain about what the experience would be like. I will admit I was initially anxious about...
  • On feed left, feed right and finding your inner chameleon … Oct 15, 2011
    Feedback, (and feed up and feed forward) is currently seen as “A GOOD THING” in education. Indeed Prof. John Hattie gives feedback an effect size of a formidable d=0.73 (Hattie in Visible Learning p173). Being seen as “A Good Thing”...