ULearn06: The short and snappy, tight and zappy, brief and curt, concise and terse, succinct and tetchy, crisp and snetchy Knowledge Building workshop/s [90 minutes]

How would you recognise a knowledge building environment?

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Raw Responses
Group #1
Great teachers/ Goals/ relevance/open mindedness/ where the learners have control of their own learning/ resource rich/ reflective/ needs based/ inviting/ caring/ happy/ constructive criticism/ feedback and feedforward/ participation/ A pace where communication, questioning, and exploring happens in real world contexts

Group #2
Exciting/ fun for new learning/ fun / sense of purpose/ risk taking/ reason to engage eg social/ outside influence – external to self/ children feel secure – safe to share their ideas with others/ participation/ engagement/ ownership/ relevance/ flexible

Group #3
No ridicule/ Take risks/ Encouragement/ Encouragement to question/ to take risks/ supportive/ interactive/ a constructivist environment/ physical tools available – flexible and adaptive environment/ emotionally safe/unobtrusive scaffolding of skills

Group #4
Students have power and choices/ linked to the community/An environment with access to resources/ supportive environment/ An environment containing people that are open to ne w learning/ Engagement of learners (ownership)/ Space and resources/ refelction/ questioning/respect/ somewhere where we ask big questions (global)/ all learning with and from each other/ respect / risk taking

Group #5
Empowerment/ scaffolding/ learners as teachers/ engagement/questioning and reflecting/risk takers/ communication/ curiosity/ collaborative/ tolerant/ challenge/ respect/ responsibility/ safe environment/ taking risks/ A range of startegies to make sense of our world/ Respectful relationships/ competition/ sharing/ collaborative/ supportive/empathetic/ resourced/ fun

Group #6
Innovative/ safe/ caring/ dialogue/ recognition of prior knowledge/ open ended questions/ critical facilitator/ fun/ blogging knowledge building on writing/ wikis with kids/ open discussion to stimulate ideas/ an environment that is stimulating and provides that information in some way – conversation discussion texts/ a safe environment where mistakes back tracking and revision are OK/ An environment that provided the knowledge you are looking for – people places books computers/ environment that stimulates inquiry and the investigation of new ideas/ purposeful/ authentic/ engaging/ encouraging/ safe/ reflective

Group #7
Sharing/ references and resources/ problem solving/ print rich/questions are continually asked/well equipped for the 21st Century/ a place of inquiry/ a place of discovery/ safe/ variety of information and resources/ supportive for taking risks/ authentic/ critically reflective/ variety of information and resources/ rich in information and information rich/ cooperative/ collaborative/ valuing ideas/ experts available/ teacher and facilitator/ challenging/ stimulating/ fun

Group #8
Where all ideas are considered/ somewhere you can pursue your needs (what you need to find out)/access to information/ ways to bounce ideas/ fun/ An environment that provides opportunities and guidance to develop ideas/ Any environment that supports and promotes individual collaborative inquiry/ interesting/ motivationg/ lots of talking/ sharing of reading or information

Group #9
KBE are challenging/ safe/ authentic/ stimulating/ inspiring/ engaging/ risk taking/ flexible learning spaces/ environments/ variety/ purposeful/ ownership/ inclusive/ lots of dialogue/ active/ prior knowledge – NOT standardised/ minimal structure/ control

Group #10
Supportive/ recognises prior knowledge/ accepting/ collaborative/ students feel valued/ risk taking OK valued/ authentic/ purposeful/ engaging / reflective

Group #11
Learning environment – physical or on-line/ supportive and valued/ state of mind/ an atmosphere where questions are asked and opportunities are provided to answer questions/ challenging of ideas/ supportive and nurturing/ a plave where learning takes place/ safe learning environment/ risk taking

Group #12
Reflective/ critical/ higher thinking/ stimulating/ safe/ pen minds/ fun and colou/ familiar resources for learning/ teacher child assessment and evaluation/ A mixture of hands on trial and error and learning through observation/ recognising prior knowledge/ fun / stimulating/ sparkle/ respectful/ challenging/ problem solving/ access to tools for learning/ discussion, debate, dialogue/ reflective/ skilled and enthusiastic teachers facilitators

Group #13
Purposeful/ authentic/ tension/ meaningful/ innovative/ fun/ risktaking/ acknowledgment of different learning styles/ reflective/ lots of dialogue/ encouraging/ support/ safe/ promoting/ engage/ enthusiastic/ innovating/ adapting/ accepting/