The Janet and John Page is our executive summary space.

Run.> Run, little dog.>Look, Janet.>See the little dog. Janet and John Reader

Arti: Oh good - I like the word "executive" and I like the word "summary"
Janet: Blow the executive summary, John (Phelps) and I might get a bit confused!! (Janet Akhurst - Baylink)
Arti: Arghh Janet ... I wish you hadn't let every one know - now they are all going to want their own pages

  1. What is needed for learners to develop as knowledge builders and innovators?
  2. What part can ICTs play?

The short and snappy, tight and zappy, brief and curt, concise and terse, succinct and tetchy, crisp and snetchy Knowledge Building workshop/s [90 minutes]
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Workshop participants responses: